A Hellish Experience

Is what I would describe what I saw people doing one evening this week.

I was sat on a mini bus doing my usually weekly trip to Old Trafford (we actually won and played well for once if your care?)

It was taking WAY longer than normal.

A usual 45-60 min journey was taking over an hour an a half.

Someone shouted out “bloody Christmas shoppers”

This was what was causing the traffic jam on the motorway (nothing to do with the thousands of football fans ha)

Looking at them sat in the cars, still in work uniform, stressing to get to the late-night shops.

Lots of people have mentioned to me recently, that time seems to be slipping away in December.

It’s almost as if they need to justify not going to the gym because they are too busy.

And I can fully resonate with this feeling of rushing and having no spare time.

I nearly fell into this trap recently, but then actually looked at what I did in the day and realised that I DO have spare time – and I’m going to get my gym session in!

Starting with each day, we are allocated 24 hours.

On average, we sleep 7-8 and work 8-12 hours.

This left me with anywhere between 4-9 hours each day spare.

This will apply to all of us.

Using this logic, we can now tell ourselves, “Yes, I Do Have Time To Train”.

You will then feel the anxiety lift and positive “get to the gym” vibes kick in.

Commit your next couple of weeks to get at least 6 training sessions in the gym.

And better yourself to end 2019 with a positive boom! Rather than a food and booze nuclear explosion.

Have a great weekend and maybe just do an online shop rather than be another stressed person on the road, it also makes my journey to football quicker if you don’t venture out ha!


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