A Sugar Warning From The BBC

…was the actual headline.

It caught my attention last week and it also seemed to catch other people’s eye.

A member posted the link into the THQ Support Group on Facebook.

It came to quite a surprise as to how many grams of sugar and how many calories are in these seemingly “small” treats.

You will be out about doing shopping or errands and see the Christmas cups with the special Christmas coffee offer/promotion.

You’ve be on your feet so fancy a pick me up…and you know…its Christmas so what the heck.

Ironically, the healthier vegan version had the most out of 200 researched.

23 teaspoons of sugar! That’s 758 calories!!!

Probably half the calories needed for a female in a day if they wanted Fat/Weight Loss– IN ONE DRINK!

It’s a theme I see more and more of recently.

Totally destroying the benefits of a good food group.

  • Coffee is brilliant for fat loss and energy – until you dollop a load of cream, sugar and have a cake with it!


  • Oats are great carb source to fuel your day – until you start adding syrup, chocolate drops and have a bagel with it!


  • Tuna salad is a fantastic way to get into a calorie deficit and keep protein up – until you put 10 table spoons of full fat mayo in the tuna, and spread an extra mayo serving over the salad!

If in doubt, stick to single ingredient foods that have all the benefits that will get you through the day – plus you will have leaner, slimmer and healthier body by dropping the crappy extras not needed.

Keep an eye out this December for those sneaky extra calories!


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