Christmas Lunch

How many have you had so far?

How many more will you be having?

Mince pie slipped in yet?

Selection box open at work?

Christmas is a time of excess calories, in particular – excess carbs!

Carbs (in the form of glycogen) are your bodies preferred source of fuel.

Even though you hear a lot about ketones (fat for fuel), your body prefers carbs as it can quickly convert them to energy (glycogen).

Just think to a time you felt a little faint and hungry, you scoff a donut and 10 minutes later you are totally back to normal.

We always recommend to be picky with your carb choices.

Some have more energy and calories than others.

Rice, potatoes, noodles, quinoa, cous cous, lentils are better sources of carbs, as they are slower releasing energy forms of carbohydrates.

With all these carbs that are tempting you currently – it’s even MORE important that you train and train regularly.

When you weight training with good intensity like we do in Transformation sessions at THQ, you will burn through the little extra’s that you’ve been sneaking in.

The odd mince pie, chocolate, Christmas pudding…

…but this has a limit, so don’t go crazy.

If you keep training hard and frequently over the next few weeks, you can absorb many of the little nutritional slip ups that we all make.

When training, focus on getting stronger, lifting more reps, pushing “all out” and you should NOT put weight on over Christmas.

A famous strength coach called Charles Poliquin once said;

“You have to earn you carbs”

Meaning if you train hard, you can eat carbs that day but if you don’t train then maybe you shouldn’t be having many.

This theory works all year round and keeps many people lean.

Maybe over Christmas we should have a new saying;

You have to pay back (weight train) the debt (excess carbs) to stay within your budget.

Days that you are going to have a big Christmas meal, make sure to have a light breakfast & lunch of lean protein and vegetables…then enjoy the 3 course meal with drinks knowing you’ve limited the damage.

Also, make sure you weight train that day to create a bit of deficit that the body can fill in with the excess calories and carbs.

Be clever through the Christmas period and stay lean – making everyone wonder how you do it!!

Have a great weekend and if anyone is going to the THQ Christmas Party, see you there for a drink, dance and great laugh.


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