Feeling rushed off your feet?

Absolutely exhausted?

Too many parties and meeting friends?

Sense a deadline of Christmas coming up?

We all get these horrible feelings at this time of the year.

I too am feeling under pressure to hit deadlines, with THQ High Lane opening in January and keeping all other THQ locations running efficiently.

Not to mention the time travelling up and down the country watching Manchester United (I know, I know – I don’t have to do it but its fun ha)

What I could do is not go to the gym and get back 3-4 hours each week.

But I wont!

I will MAKE time to hit the gym and get a good session in.

Yes I will be tired, feeling a little stressed and probably hungover!

But these are by FAR my most important workouts and they should be yours too.

Even if it feels like you didn’t have a great workout, or you felt weak…

…you are teaching your mind and body that it must ALWAYS make time for training.

This is KEY when wanting to stay in shape all year round.

January is the most crowed month of the year for a gym.

If you want to make 2020 the year you final get in great shape, be fit & strong, START NOW!

Over the next 2 weeks and the festive period make sure you get some training sessions in.

This gives you that head start on the new year by maintaining not gaining weight!

Plus, it makes you feel a little better that everyone else is sat at home getting fatter and un-fit.

Plan your gym sessions now and commit to them.

Have a great weekend

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