Why the Christmas overindulge was good for you!

“I feel SO bloated”

“No energy”

“Feel tired and crappy”

Just a few things I’ve heard from members who have trained since Christmas.

It’s totally normal, and you shouldn’t feel annoyed or ashamed of your overindulging this week.

It does actually have its benefits.

We tend to push hard all year round on our health, fitness and body shape goals.

Yet, it’s always gets to a sticking point where we eventual plateau.

But these weeks off & days of over overeating can bust you through your plateau.

The break you’ve given the body from training in the gym, eating a little more food and hopefully sleeping/chilling more at home – provides the body the time & resources to recover.

A recovered and refuelled body will be more equipped to win the battle of getting you in shape, fitter and stronger.

This also applies mentally, as I’m sure you’re already planning your January start date to get “back on it”.

I believe we all need this reminder of how eating junk food makes us feel.

It can be a shock to some people (including myself) how rubbish and sluggish we get eating crap.

Almost like put diesel fuel into a petrol car!

And to think people live and feel like this every day by having poor nutritional habits.

The sharp reminder will ensure that January is a successful month for you.

But there are a few extra steps you can take today.

Mini steps to start to take now to guarantee fast results in 2020.

  • Chuck or give away chocolates, sweets, cakes that are still in the house
  • Plan 1-3 gym sessions between now and January
  • Back to 2 litres of water minimum every day
  • Sleeping 7-9 hours each night
  • Taking as many steps as possible each day

Rev that engine back up so its full throttle for the new year.

Have a great weekend

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