New Years BS

Its estimated that 92% of new year’s resolutions fail!

Most of these resolutions are health, fitness and body shape related.

A huge reason people fail with these resolutions is the BS is that we are told by companies and the media.

Cut carbs makes you lose weight!

Actually, it was cutting the calories from the carbs that made you lose weight!

Need to eat “fat burning” foods

No foods can burn fat, expending more energy than you consume will burn fat

Skinny teas/shakes/pills are the fastest way to lose weight

Most contain laxatives and or starve you, often with a huge weight rebound when eating normally again.

You need to go Gluten or Vegan to be healthy

Diet can still consistent of high calorie junk food even if its gluten free or vegan

Detox diets/shake/teas are needed after Christmas

Your liver and kidneys do all of the detoxing you will ever need

Sometimes, these strong statements can side track us from doing things correctly.

Often holding us back a few weeks or months.

Here are the things you should focus on..

  • Lifting weights 3 times a week to get stronger and fitter.
  • Eat lean protein and vegetables 3 times a day, add carbs if you’ve trained that day
  • Sleep 7-9 hours to reduce stress, decrease hunger and recover from training sessions
  • Drink 2-3 litres of water to recover from sessions, feel energetic, decrease hunger.

It really is that simple!

Even if you don’t fall for the usual January BS, then use this as a reminder that you’re doing everything you can to see results this month.

Speak later in week

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