Meditating In The Gym

I’ve always found weight training to be kind of meditative.

Sounds odd does it?

Someone asked me how I stay so chilled all the time?

Although sometimes a busy day can show!

It made me wonder about what I do to reduce stress and anxiety.

I do meditate occasionally, probably not enough, often when it’s too late and feel overwhelmed.

But one activity that has got me through the tough times is to hit the gym hard with a big weight’s session.

Meditating is being in contact with your breath and how the body feels.

This is the exact feeling you should have when lifting weights.

Not just flinging the heaviest weight you can find around.

Create the mind to muscle connection on a lift, for example, on a chest press – notice when the pectorals (chest muscles) feel the stretch on the lowering part of the lift, notice when the pecs are contracting and squeezing at the top of the movement.

This focusing on the body is distracting and clearing the mind of the day to days stresses and worries.

Plus, a good workout gets the adrenaline and endorphins flowing, which achieves a better upbeat mood.

Now you can use a weights session not only to shape the body, build muscle, burn fat, get fitter & stronger….

….you can use it to clear the mind of any worries.

Have a great weekend!


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