Still not losing weight?

We are now 13 days into January.

Pretty much everyone you speak to is doing some kind of “diet”.


Dry January?

Clean eating January health kick?

Whatever it is – A LOT of people are trying to improve their eating habits at the moment.

But why do so many people fail and give up.

Most people who are trying to eat well now – have tried it in the past and it usual fails miserably.

And it’s more than likely they will be in the same position next January.

It boils down to not being consistent enough and giving it ample time.

People who don’t see weight loss results always think that there is something better out there, almost waiting for the secret answer to their weight loss problems to slap them in the face.

If they are fasting and that doesn’t work – they try keto.

If keto doesn’t work – they try tracking calories.

If they keep forgetting to track calories – they try slimming world.

These people are always looking for the “secret pill” (some people actually believe that its weight loss pills that was the missing answer).

Its usually the 2nd to 3rd week in January that people start to falter.

So, my message to you today if you are person who never sees results is to keep doing what you’re doing.

Two weeks is not long enough for you to see any drastic weight loss results.

Put the hard graft in for another 6-8 weeks & THEN you will see the rewards.

Weight loss is never a linear process.

You may be doing all the correct things with your diet and training but you have to give it time.

Carl Lambert has a great analogy; weight loss is like pushing a big boulder up a hill.

It’s bloody tough at the beginning but once it gets moving, its so much more manageable.

Don’t fret about scale weight yet!

Let the hard work you put in now pay off in a few weeks and months’ time.

Keeping taking the right steps as you have been doing rather than fretting about the scales not moving as fast as you would like.

It should always be about enjoying the process to a result and not just the end goal. When we focus on the journey, the plan and the small details – the results ultimately just take care of themselves.

Have a disciplined week – smash your workouts, eat & hydrate well and don’t stress about it!


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