Crap Workouts

Ever get the feeling that your gym session wasn’t that good?

Almost as if it was a waste of time.

Your performance could have dropped? Lifted less weights? Not done enough reps?

It happens to all of us – including trainers.

I go in to my session sometimes a little tired, stressed, not enough time and it feels like I didn’t go 100% at it.

Clearly not going to the gym at all would be the worst thing to do but there is still another factor that switches my mindset.

I track every gym session I do.

Yes, ever set & rep I’ve counted and recorded – I have all the logs under my bed from the last 10 years and I read/study them in the evening (haha not really).

It may sound obsessive but I honestly don’t even realise I’m doing it half of the time.

But when I believe it wasn’t a good workout – I look back on the last weeks lifts and realise I have in fact done a couple of extra reps on certain exercises, and usually also lifted a heavier weight.

If I’m still feeling crap I can look back where I was 3, 6, 12 months ago and realise that I’ve progressed hugely.

I then cannot wait to get back into the gym to beat myself and strength log again.

So, if you’ve felt like your workouts have been a bit poop recently, start to track in the gym.

Aim to get better each workout one rep at a time.

Then if you get poor workouts just like I’ve had – flick back over how you’ve progressed throughout the weeks & months.

This is the secret to having consistently great workouts!

A simple method that keeps you motivated.

Have a great weekend.

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