How to avoid the weekend guilt?

What was it this weekend?

Too much booze? Junk food? Or both!?

If you’re eating plan doesn’t allow a treat or bans consuming something not on a list then it needs to be changed.

Having a couple of beers or a donut when out and about will not derail your results.

There is nothing wrong with having a treat occasionally.

In fact, I believe it increases adherence to a diet in the long term, knowing that you’ve enjoyed yourself and you can treat yourself whenever you like.

But beating yourself up for eating or drinking something tasty is madness.

Chill! You’re an adult that had a treat – just get back to your eating plan and make sure you don’t skip the gym that week.

Honestly, it’s a simple as that.

If however, your indulging every time you now eat because you feel bad about the weekend, then yes this is a problem clearly.

For example;

Yes, you can have a bagel with your eggs and salmon in the morning but not every morning.

Yes, you can have salted nuts as a snack but not every snack.

Yes, you can have a piece of cake but not every day.

Everything is a trade-off and treats & indulgences can be included.

You just can’t include indulging all of the time.

So, if you’ve had a big indulging weekend, you’ve used all of your weeks treats up.

Be disciplined this week and see how long you can go for!

If you’ve been super good this weekend – you have room for a treat (if you want one – don’t force it down)

I had one too many San Miguel’s yesterday so I need to be tighter on nutrition this week!

Have a strong & disciplined week like I’ll be having

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