Easy Swaps

I can safely say that if you are reading this now – you are probably trying to lose weight and body fat.

From dealing with many clients and members I understand how difficult it can be.

Some days you screw up!

Some weeks you hit weight loss plateaus,

Some days it feels really tough,

Some weeks the scales go up!

Some days you don’t feel like meal prepping,

Some days you don’t want to go to the gym.

And yes – you will want to throw in the towel and just quit.

These feelings are totally normal and everyone gets them.

It’s just part of the process and you HAVE TO KEEP GOING.

If it was easy, we would all look like Greek goddesses & gods.

But there are easy swaps you can do to make the process a “little” bit easier.

For example – calories in drinks.

Swapping your latte every day for a white americano.

Yearly calories for a daily latte would be 61320kcal – but a White Americano would be 8396kcal

That’s 52924kcal saved!

Its estimated that in one pound of fat – there is 3500 kcal.

Using the calories saved from this easy swap…

… could be 15lbs of body fat dropped without any extra effort! (this is assuming your meals and foods are on point and not eating more than you consume)

And you’ve still had a coffee.

Another simple win is using spices, herbs or even mustard on meals to make them taste miles better, rather than using jars of creamy, sugary pre-made sauces.

Another one is Diet coke instead of full fat coke, sounds simple but people worry about sweeteners, I would say obesity and sugar is more of a concern.

Losing weight is tough enough as it is! Start looking at what swaps you can make now and get results even faster.

Have a “easier” week

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