Scale weight getting you down?

At this time of the month, each THQ location holds consultations for any spaces that have become available.

I look after THQ Whaley Bridge and have done quite a few group consultations this week.

I’ve done more than normal as we have had a few more places open up due to members moving to the new THQ location in High Lane.

Which means I’ve spoken a to a lot of people this week.

I ask them about their goals, targets and what exercising they are doing currently.

I also ask them about their difficulties.

The majority are just confused with so much information out there.

I explain how we keep it simple with our meal planner and that we don’t ban any types of food, to which they love the sound of.

The next issue we always discuss is scale weight!

A huge mental battle people have.

I believe it’s down to people thinking that the number that they see on the scales HAS to go down, and if it doesn’t move (or sometimes goes up) – they think they have failed.

This cannot be further from the truth, I tell our new members to focus on 5 key objectives to keep them motivated.

I tell them now to start focusing not only on scale weight,

But to also start;

  • Taking inch measurements of arms, waits and legs.
  • Monitoring clothes – are they fitting better? baggier? same?
  • Taking progress pictures – GOLD STANDARD for me!!
  • Monitoring lifts in sessions – to display if you are getting fitter & stronger.

These four other monitoring methods measure progression, which will keep you motivated and energy levels up when the scales don’t move.

This is because they are all signs of progression too!

If you been down a little bit with the scales, re-take inch measurements and progress photos.


If you’ve been training for a while and don’t think you’ve achieved much – you may be surprised how far you’ve come.

If you’re just starting out on your journey – you now have the data and information to get going and keep you motivated along the way.

Have a good weekend

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