Elimination Diet Plan

If you’ve started to read this…then I’m presuming it’s the “diet plan” part that caught your attention.

Maybe a new diet you’ve not tried?

Something you’ve been missing out on?

Actually, an Elimination Diet is an eating plan that restrictions one food group at a time to root out the causes of food intolerances.

If you’ve ever had bad gas, bloating, skin issues, always feeling lethargic it could be worth giving it ago.

There are plans from the NHS to help.

But my Elimination Diet is a bit different.

This one may not be so popular.

So, as you read this – it’s nearly or it is the weekend!

Structure, routine and discipline tends to go out of the window.

Yet this is the time when you achieve your results….or completely bin it off.

Just like when you’re in the gym.

Those final 2,3,4 reps where you are pushing right up to failure.

They are the reps that really change a body shape.


This is how you should view your days.

If Monday is rep 1

Friday, Saturday & Sunday are reps 5,6,7!

If you are on a fat or weight loss journey at the moment…

…try my elimination diet at the weekends.

Eliminate junk food
Eliminate snacking and grazing
Eliminate eating when bored
Eliminate eating till you’re are stuffed as a pig
Eliminate drinking your calories (yes that means your bottle of wine, prosecco or 10 pints of lager)

The beauty of my elimination diet, is that it doesn’t have to be forever!

Just try it until you see the results you want so much and work so hard for!

Have a controlled weekend.

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