The Fat Loss Race

You all know the hare and the tortoise story?

The hare and the tortoise challenge each other to a race.

The hare sets off in such a hurry, that its certain it will win the race.

So certain that it takes a nap halfway through.

It naps for so long that the tortoise slowly ambles on by to win the race.

This is a fantastic analogy on how we should view weight/fat loss.

At this time of the year, we have a lot of people starting on their weight loss journey.

I really have to work hard to slow them down.

They want to do everything they can to get it off as fast as possible.

3 Transformation Sessions

Extra cardio

Extra classes

Skipping meals

Believing the more they do and the less they eat – the quicker & better results will be.

More often than not, they crash & burn (take a nap like the hare) because they are exhausted and hungry.

Usually having to go back to the start line again – and typically starting the “hares tactics” once more.

Anyone who has succeeded in a brilliant body transformation, has usually used the tortoise tactics.

They slowly add in exercises when results start to plateau.

They slowly drop a small number of calories when results start to stall.

They don’t stress and panic when they don’t see any results – but just stick to the plan.

Meaning they are chilled and don’t even notice that they are dieting and training hard – they just enjoy the process.

Stick to the plan and enjoying the journey will far exceed the going “balls out at it” plan.

Plus, when you do get to the end goal – you will be able to maintain it far easier.

Whereas the fast route leads to food binges, a complete halt of exercise and a hate relationship with health, fitness & food.

If you’re the person who wants to undo years & years of bad habits and weight gain in a couple of weeks, and always goes like a bat out of hell at it…

….try the slow steady and PROVEN way.

If you are currently on a plan and have been tempted to start to pushing super hard – chill!

Stick to the plan and give it time.

Finally see results by using the tortoise’s wise tactics.

Have a slow and steady week.


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