Do You Really Have Self Control?

Not only do I like to train my body…I like to train my mind.

My late grandad once said to me when I was younger that reading was like ploughing a field.

Ploughing a field keeps the soil fresh and turning organic matter so that it’s easier to plant the next batch of a crop.

He said this is like your brain, it needs ploughing, training, turning and planting new seeds.

This has always stayed in my head and I often think about it.

So, I have always read from a book every day – to keep it churning, turning and growing.

The last 6 months, I’ve been trying to read something stoic most days.

Stoicism is an ancient Greek philosophy.

I read it as it challenges me on what I believe and think.

Today’s reading had me question myself.

We often schedule “cheat meals” into members diets.

We do it as mental break, or a reward for a good week with training and nutrition.

But today the wise stoic words said that the self-control and the abstaining is the real pleasure. And the temptation of giving in becomes the regret!

And its correct, ever had a cheat meal and it goes into a full day or even week binging – I have, I feel crap physically because of the junk food, and guilty for giving in.

But when I resist and cut it out of the diet completely – I feel;

  1. Brilliant physically from not having junk food/booze.
  2. Stronger and assured as I didn’t succumb to my weaknesses.

So, if you’ve been really poor with self-control on diet recently – it may be time to build up your strength and knock any “cheats or treats” on the head for a while.

Especially if you have any planned this weekend.

I’ll leave you to now ponder like I’ve been doing today, ask yourself if you do really have good self-control?

Speak next week

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