Adele’s New Diet Plan

The Adele Diet : How the singer lost 7 stone

I was doing my frequent research of what’s trending in the training and nutrition industry.

I don’t do it for fun mind! Some of its complete tripe!

It just keeps me up to date, in case anyone asks for an opinion on the subject.

Today, I open the browser and the first headline I see is “The Adele Diet : How the singer lost 7 stone”

It ranked highly, as I can imagine everyone wanted to find out her secret plan.

People falling for the “She’s a rich celebrity, so she must have paid a fortune to get this undisclosed weight loss information.”

So what did Adele do to lose 7 stone?

She was on a sirtfood diet?!

I’ve been working in the health & fitness industry for 11 years, I’ve study health and nutrition at university before that, and it’s my hobby to try new training plans and diets…

…but this one really took me by surprise!

I haven’t heard of this and it doesn’t even sound that appealing, sounds a bit repulsing to be honest.

I still did my investigations into the diet to give it a fair chance.

Essentially, its eating “special foods” that activate specific proteins that help you lose weight and hold muscle – WOW!

This really is scrapping the bottom of the barrel of diet ideas.

When I researched the diet – it basic gave a list of odd foods to eat, some good & some terrible (research for yourself but please don’t follow)

At the end of the list of foods it says have smoothies all day and one meal.

But the key component was that you should aim to hit 1000kcal.

Calorie deficit is ALWAYS king when you want fat/weight loss!

And it’s what every diet achieves when people see results.

There is no 1 best diet out there.

The best diet for everyone is the diet that gives the highest satiety for the least amount of calories/energy.

This usually means having a diet high in protein.

Then it’s down to preference on fats and carbs.

If you prefer more eggs, salmon, nuts, avocadoes in your diet – you would go high protein, lower carbs & moderate fats diet.

I you prefer more oats, rice, potatoes in your diet – you would go for a higher protein, lower fats, moderate carbs diet.

There is no one size fits all diet plan, but follow above guidelines – and you will achieve a calorie deficit (fat/weight loss).

You need to do a bit of work for yourself and figure out what will work in the long run.

Try the above advice and see which achieves results but you feel you can stay eating that way sustainably.

Catch you Friday

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