Travelling & Staying Trim Possible?

This week I’ll be doing a little more travelling than normal.

In the space of 5 days I will have made 4 train journeys, 1 plane journey, 2 coach journeys, 1 ferry journey, 4 tube trips and one public bus marathon.

All this whilst doing sessions and keeping the up run of THQ.

I’m not moaning but more demonstrating what can be done in a few days.

It’s also the first week of me reducing my calories to start a “fat loss” phase.

This is week 1 of 8 and I know I will consume a few more carbs than normal – and a bit of beer due to watching football. I don’t have to drink beer but it’s a nice treat.

I could throw the towel in and start next week…but that’s not my plan.

I nearly pushed back the fat loss phase a week as it’s hard on the road to find low calorie – high protein options.

But it’s not impossible. So, I ditched the daft excuses I nearly told myself and got planning.

I will opt for, (wherever possible) a lean protein like chicken, turkey, eggs and reduce the carbs from the food (plenty of carbs in the beer)

I will be carrying around protein bars in case I cannot get a decent meal.

Not optimal but means I will stay on target.

I will walk as much as possible, mainly to look at things but to also keep energy burn up.

The days that have been normal and I’m at home/work. I’ve lowered calories by a couple of hundred and trained hard in the gym.

This should balance out the days watching United and having a beer or two.

Waiting for the perfect time to start a diet is a bad plan.

Just start, yes, I may only lose a pound or maintain on week one…

…but I’ve started and the results will come in a few week’s time.

Don’t let travel, work, the weather, your car issues etc (united for me) get in the way of starting.

Adapt, plan and maybe use the above tactics that I like to employ to work around travel obstacles.

Because as you know – hurdles come from nowhere. Life will never give you a perfect or best time to start.

The best time to start is now!

Have a nice weekend.


Ps as you read this I’m probably on a ferry or a coach heading back to do sessions.
See some of you soon

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