Why the rain is good for you?

Doesn’t it seem like it’s never stopped raining recently?

I went away to Belgium for a couple of days last week, I thought it may be better weather over there compare to the UK….

…. but it none stopped pissed it down there as well!

I just can’t seem to escape it at the moment.

The constant feeling of being cold and wet.

The dark grey skies that make it feel like we will never see the sun again.

I know it’s not just me it’s getting down.

Speaking to members in the gym, I can tell that the rubbish weather is starting to get to you too.

I’ve talked about Seasonal Affective Disorder before and how I try to beat it.

Training and eating healthy are huge part of it.

And this is this time of year I’m really “on it”.

Consistently making my gym sessions each week keeps the positive vibes going, and if I miss a workout – I notice it!

I feel like a zombie.

A when I start to feel like this – I get a tough weights session in the gym smashed.

Followed by a nutritious meal of protein and lots of vegetables.

I still try and get outside and get day light on me, even though it’s cloudy, the UV rays still hit the skin.

These little actions I now focus on BECAUSE OF THE RAIN, help me with my summer body shape goal.

Putting in the hard graft now not only makes me feel positive in the here and now…

….its getting me ready to be lean, fit and healthier for the summer.

This message is for any one feeling a little down due to our long winters.

Get a heavy weights session in.

Make and consume your healthy meal prep.

Get walking outside (in between bursts of rains)

And reap the short and long-term rewards.

Speak at the end of the week where hopefully the weather will have improved.

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