My Recent Confession

THQ recently uploaded a new podcast/video.

It kind of felt like an admission.

It was all about what I do to stay in shape.

I always tell people I have a beer at football which maybe caused a bit of mystery.

I wouldn’t say I was the biggest or most shredded lad out there, but I can get a six pack and still drink beer once or twice a week.

I hadn’t realised that it was that much of a big deal.

Until everyone who has messaged me or I’ve seen in person, have all said they didn’t believe it was possible.

And they got a few tips from the information I put out.

If you’ve missed it, checkout our Facebook pages or download the podcast.

It was a little bit weird to open up, but Carl made me realise that I have really told anyone (including him) how I work it.

I often give tips and tricks but maybe not piece it all together.

But there is a flip side to the information that I feel I need to reiterate.

Alcohol can still be the bad guy for me!

And sometimes if I push the boundaries too far – it’s hard to claw back, so I now know my limits.

Alcohol like everything has calories – 7kcal per gram. To put that into perspective, protein and carbs have 4kcal per gram, so you can see how soon calories can add up.

Meaning it’s very easy to over consume calories, putting you into a surplus (fat gain).

It also plays havoc with your hunger hormones, usually ending in eating more high calorie foods during and after a few beverages.

Then the hangover day can be a complete write off.

Regular drinking I’ve managed to keep in my diet to relax, but not screw up my body shape goals.

But reducing it for a while, may help speed up your body shape goals if you’ve not been seeing much progress recently.

Never the less, if your upcoming weekend involves a few drinks that you can’t avoid, you can make a few smart moves;

  • If you’re a pint drinker, swap for bottles


  • Opt for low calorie diet drinks with a clear spirit.


  • Water in between drinks


  • Have healthy meal prep ready for when you get home and for the next day.

Life is always about balance and moderation with everything – this is how you should view alcohol.

Have a tipsy weekend

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