Will I Always Be Fat?

This is a question I know people have asked themselves.

I know this as I deal with many people who openly admit they have.

It makes me sad and we need to make a few adjustments.

The first step you should take to change your mindset is to think;

You are not fat!

You should not describe your person, personality, who you are as “fat”

But, you have body fat to lose.

Once we have the correct frame of mind, we can then take the emotion away from it.

Taking away the emotion from eating food will be your next big step.

Food should be viewed as fuel.

Fuelling the body with the nutrients it needs to THRIVE and LIVE.

Not shovelling crap down for a few minutes of taste that makes you SICK and DEPRESSED.

Now for the biological and functional steps – follow these general rules.

  • Eat less calories to lose weight.


  • Eat less calories and eat enough protein to lose mostly fat (some muscle loss and water retention decline)


  • Eat less calories and eat enough protein plus weight train to lose PURE body fat and build muscle to become fitter and stronger.

Take these steps TODAY if you’re feeling like you will always be fat.

You will never look back!

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