Toilet Roll Problems

Upon finishing a session one evening this week, a group of us were talking about the coronavirus.

In particular, hand sanitiser and how much it had gone up in price.

I usually buy 3 tubs for £8.99 plus free postage.

This is now £44.99 and its sold out!

We all had a laugh about it and a member then showed me a picture of a shelf in a supermarket.

It was empty?

He then explained that it was people panic buying toilet roll.

Its actually happening around the world and soon there will be shortages (apparently).

This panic buying and fretting is how a lot people deal with day to day life.

Including health, fitness and body shape goals.

Reading and applying nonsense without really researching the information.

Such as the recent Netflix documentary where everyone though that going vegan would be the answer to their problems.

It’s since been debunked that a lot in the film was gobbledygook.

This searching for a quick answer is because people have left it too late to get in shape.

It’s the reason why there are 10 million diet and training plans online promising fast results but never seem to work.

The boring answer for fat loss seems too simple but IS the most effective.

Eat the correct number of calories to stay in a calorie deficit yet stay satiated.

Train hard with weights at least 3 times a week.

This is the PROVEN way that all top physique competitors train.

They have a human body like you – so why would you need to do it any differently.

So next time you may be tempted to come off plan and try something new, ask yourself are you doing the above boring advice consistently enough? Or do you have room to improve?

Right I’m signing off now to go hunting for toilet roll…..

….sorry I mean ill be follow the boring (but correct) advice from the government to stop panic buying!

Have a nice weekend.

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