Don’t Let The Scales Win

When on a “fat loss” or “cutting” phase – I will weigh myself once a week.

I find this is enough information for me to gauge how my progression is going.

I’ve experimented with daily weigh ins before, but sometimes I forgot to do it, it did my head in and just general felt it wasn’t for me.

If you do weigh yourself daily, I would recommend to take the data and do a mean average.

Add up all the days weights and divide by 7 – this is a truer reflection of what’s going on.

At THQ, we recommend the once a week method as it stops the obsession, yet gives us a good idea of where we are heading.

The downside to once a week is that it just takes just a brief snap shot.

For example, I nailed my nutrition, calories and training last week and was expecting weight loss at the weekend weigh in.

Yet, it went up – nearly 0.4kg (0.8lb)?

I just shrugged the results off and carried on.

I stick to the plan and see what happens next week.

But speaking to a member that day who was concerned that their weight hadn’t move this week, made me do something I don’t normal do.

I stood on the scales again the next day and I had lost 0.8kg (1.8lbs).

I hadn’t changed anything overnight, it just happened to be that the day before, I may have held a little water, had a little bit more food and glycogen in my body.

In fact, over a week, I hadn’t gained 0.4kg I had lost 0.4kg week on week – BANG ON TARGET.

So, I still stick to the plan – rather than drop calories more and trying to train harder/more frequently. Which runs the risk of burnout and throwing in the towel.

But remember, I was going to stick to the plan anyway and I would have been lighter next week come what may.

This how people think fat loss happens;

Week 1 – down 2 pounds
Week 2 – down 2 pounds
Week 3 – down 2 pounds
Week 4 – down 2 pounds

What actually happens

Week 1 – down 4 pounds
Week 2 – UP 1 pounds
Week 3 – down 1 pounds
Week 4 – down 3 pounds

If the scale weight doesn’t move, take inch measurements and I’m positive you will see some change.

Take a progress pic, which for me is the gold standard for progression.

Note, are your clothes feeling loser?

Monitor your lifts in the gym, are you doing more reps with heavier weights?

These methods will keep you motivated.

Stick to your plan and give it time – don’t let the scales win!

Have a disciplined week.

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