Gym People Against Coronavirus

Try not to ignore this email as it has the “C” word in it.

Am I sure that you are sick to the back teeth of hearing about it.

But there is a reason I want to discuss it today.

That last few months, I’ve been doing more sessions than normal, as we are still recruiting for a new trainer at THQ Whaley bridge (replacing Will who open THQ High Lane), and having to do a bit more holiday cover.

Which means I’ve been doing 40-50 sessions a week.

This has given me the opportunity to speak to many groups.

The Corona Virus chat comes up in 95% of sessions, so this proves to me that people are concerned.

I wanted to put my perspective on it from the health and fitness industry.

Firstly, at all THQ locations we wipe down all dumbbells, barbells, bands, machines and handles (anything that gets touched) every day with anti-bacterial wipe or Dettol.

We encourage members to use the hand-sanitizer provided before and after session, or hands can washed with soap in toilets before and after.

If unwell, it maybe wise to not attend the gym until feeling better.

But as regular gym goers – I believe we already have the upper hand.

Getting in the gym often, eating a diet high in protein, vegetables and fruit, achieving 7-9 hours sleep each night and drinking 2-3 litres of water a day – is now what the experts are recommending to improve your immune system.

Fortunately for you, we have been drilling this into you for years.

But there are a few other little steps and supplements you can do to be extra secure. is a great tool that personal trainers use, it’s a science data base for nutrition and supplements.

I’ve used it for years and look at it if anything new pops into the industry that I’m not too sure about, it’s a fitness professional secret tool (that’s now out there ha!).

I had a quick search and bingo – they’ve done a brilliant little article to help you fight against COVID-19 or any virus in fact.

Using supplements like, Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D3 (which are on sale at THQ) is proven to help boost the immune system.

There are also some things that are not proven but may help such as garlic, Echinacea, Probiotics etc.

Have a good read through and apply all the advice as its all researched backed. (article attached at bottom of email)

Don’t be fearful of viruses – show how being a regular gym goer proves we do everything to take the fight to the Corona virus.

Have a great weekend.

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