Pay Your Debts

“Muscle is never owned. Its rented and the rent it due every day”

It’s a quote that I cannot remember who said it, but it always sticks in my memory.

Muscle and strength go hand in hand.

And if you don’t weight/strength training regularly…

…you will lose it.

Ever had a break from the gym and noticed how much harder it was when you got back, how your strength & fitness dropped, how different your body shape looks?

This little quote reminds me to keep hitting the gym hard each week.

It also reminds me about a mindset shift I had many years ago. When I finally started to see good body shape results.

When most people go into the gym they usually thinking about the “calorie burn” of exercise.

Almost trying to out train their bad nutritional habits.

But the successful people with the bodies that we all adore & are inspired by, have a different mindset.

They are trying to build/retain muscle whilst eating healthily in a caloric deficit.

They do this by trying to increase their strength in session, and improve on endurance & fitness.

The by-product of this mindset shift is their bodies look leaner, slimmer, more defined…

…but at the same time, they haven’t even noticed they were “dieting and exercising” the weight off.

Use this little mindset shift and see the fat bank get emptied, and pay your debts to the muscle bank.

Now go and smash your weekly gym sessions this week.


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