Simplify Your Current Situation

I wanted to give some simple advice that is getting overlooked in all the noise at the moment.

Particularly, as the current situation we are all in is a little bit stressful.

If you have found anxiety levels increasing day on day, I believe we can do a couple of things to lower them.

It’s important to lower them as stress and anxiety normally leads to excess calorie consumption through food and alcohol.

So, what can we do to lower levels:

  1. Turn off the rolling news, a 10-15 minute catch up once a day is more than enough info
  2. Don’t believe everything your reading on social media (especially Barbara who “knows someone high up”)

I’ve had to do the above recently as I’ve been covering extra sessions, and simply haven’t had the time, and it’s made me feel tons better.

But you may be at home a little bit more so its definitely time to switch over and chill.

But siting around all day and chilling at home is not great for your body shape goal, BUT there are other actions you can take to simplify your nutrition.

STOP eating junk food – especially snacking on junk food
STOP drinking obscene amounts of alcohol to unwind each night
DO bump up protein
DO drink plenty of water

The below simple actions will also help;

DO keep moving and being active
DO sleep 7-9 hours a night.

Just stick with the basics as they are PROVEN to work and they WILL get you through these next few weeks and months.

Speak soon

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