Isaac Newton’s Lesson To You

In 1665 Isaac Newton was sent home from Cambridge University due to the black plague.

It was the most productive time of his life.

As we know, he sat under a tree one day and made a very important discovery, plus a few other little things like calculus!

There has to be a silver lining to most bad circumstances in life, and you have to find one now for the current situation we are in.

Myself and Carl have always discussed have an having an online THQ presence, adding to the current service we provide and invite other people into the community remotely.

We made telephone calls, had meetings, tried to practise with software but something always slowed us down or got in the way.

We used that as an excuse that it wouldn’t work and used the “were too busy” excuse as validation.

Yet the shutdown of our 4 locations meant we spent 5 LONG days and achieved something that would take months to set up.

If Isaac Newton and THQ have improved themselves, what can you do with this shutdown? Possible get in amazing shape….

…..this may feel like the worst time to start a transformation project as you can’t get to the gym.

When in reality – it’s the best time to start.

You have more free time

Nowhere to go

Less distractions

No all-inclusive holidays to get to

No peer pressure from friends and family to splurge on booze and junk food in pubs and restaurants.

This is the perfect time to start the 12-week online transformation challenge we are opening (starting next weekend).

Training at least 3 times a week, track your calories and check in with your trainer. Everything you’ve always told yourself you don’t have time for.

More information will be released this afternoon.

Finally see results and grab hold of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Speak soon

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