Home (and body) Improvements

No, I’m not talking about doing more house renovations.

I’m sure a lot of you have completed the jobs you’ve been putting off, and houses are looking spick and span.

I’m looking at body improvements that you can do at home.

We already know the importance of training, and we have you guys doing at least 3 workouts each week.

Eating a clean and healthy diet will also pay dividends.

The combination of regular training and eating well not only keeps the body healthy, it keeps the mind healthy.

We want the mind to stay positive and to do that, we need to stay in a good mood.

There are a few certain foods that we can try to get more of in our diet to improve our mental states.

We now understand that we are in this for the long run, and if there are foods that we can try and include more of that make us feel more positive – then we have to try.

These foods have been studied and are well known for improving your mood.

Like all foods though, they contain calories and most people will over eat on these healthy foods. Usually falling for the trap of its healthy so I can probably eat a bit more of it.

So I’ve also suggested serving sizes….but still giving you the mood improving benefits.

  • Fatty fish – like salmon, marcel, kippers, have at least 3-5 portions a week.
  • Olive oil – a table spoon a day max, whether used in cooking or on meals
  • Oats – a small bowl of oats in the morning on training days only
  • Walnuts/Brazil nuts – one small handful a day as a snack
  • Blueberry’s – great low calories snack throughout the day
  • Coffee – great to stay alert, splash of milk or even better – black
  • Dark chocolate – 2,3 pieces as treat in the evening

Yes, we have to stay at home but we can stay in a positive mood.

Speak soon

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