Hats off to you guys!

We’ve heard of many stories of how our members are coping in the current situation…

…and it’s a total hat’s off to you guys.

Parents who are home schooling kids.

People with businesses that have had to pivot online like ourselves.

Kind individuals who are now volunteering to help the local community and neighbours.

Some are probably doing all three!

I appreciate how one of those situation feels, and speaking to Carl regularly, I see a guy who has a young family and a business, whilst still offering help to friends & family.

Yet as his Facebook post this morning states, he still made time to train.

This is the reason I believe his is handling the situation well.

I’ve also been frequently training since the lockdown and make sure I do at least 4 sessions a week.

I believe it keeps me energised…

…and at the same time – disciplined with my food.

I have stay rigid to a clean diet in a calorie-controlled limit.

Losing about 1-2lbs each week.

Which we’ve always said is optimal for a sustainable weight loss approach.

We can relate to all of your issues at the moment, so I wanted to be the person to remind you to look after yourself.

  • Keep training!


  • Don’t let the diet slip!


  • And make sure you get a good nights sleep in!

Stay energised and focused with the basics and it makes every challenge you face that little bit easier.

Have a nice weekend


If you need a bit of motivation, help with nutrition, or just a bit of a goal.

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