Queen’s Speech

Last night’s queen speech was quite a historical moment that I found positive & uplifting.

Maybe I’m a bit of a traditionalist but I liked it.

It’s not something that happens very often and it proved so by the viewing figures.

It was watched by 24 million people throughout the UK.

You may have taken a pass on watching it.

And that’s fine, as long as you stay up beat in the current situation.

The main message was to come together to help others.

Which is a bit ironic as we are meant to be getting further apart…

..but you get the message.

You may ignore royalty but THQ’s has a noble like announcement of its own.

And I believe you will find it hard to disagree with (yet I’m sure someone will try!)

One thing that everyone can hopefully agree on is that;

It’s important to stay healthy

It’s important to stay moving

It’s important to stay active

It’s important to eat healthily

Achieve 3-4 at home workouts this week as well as your daily walk.

Keep the processed junk away and stick to your lean proteins and veg.

Upping your water to feel satiated and energetic.

Top that off with a good night’s sleep.

Maybe the Queen could have suggested a few of the above to really spice her speech up?

Nah, scrap that as we would be living off scones and tea!

Keep an ear out for the next noble announcement from THQ.

Have a great week


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