Instagram Liars

Controversial headline that will bound to get me some haters.

But I know our readers are smart, sensible and rational people.

You may have been scanning social media a little bit more than usual.

Nothing wrong with that as you pass the extra time you now have.

Have you noticed the supplement ads that claim to “boost” your immune system?

Instagram influencers promoting “immune boosting” products, without even knowing what’s in it.

The immune system is a complex system that even the most intelligent people on the planet, aren’t fully aware how it all works as one.

Yet an ex bodybuilder or reality tv star has discovered the supplement that “kills corona”.

You cannot not boost your immune system….

…..but you can support it in what its meant to be doing.

Things you can do that has been proven to keep the immune system functioning properly;

· Train – 3 to 5 training sessions each week

· Eat adequate calories – not starving yourself

· Vitamin D – sun exposure is best but supplementing also works.

· Fruit and Vegetables – GET MORE

· Probiotic – strong evidence that it helps an immune system, include Greek natural yoghurt in your diet.

Some people may think that the above is all rubbish.

Ignore the advice.

Eat a high calorie, processed food diet.

Stress all the time.

Don’t sleep and live a poor lifestyle.

See which group of people will stay healthier.

The people in the latter group will be the ones who fall for the Influencers’ lies.

I suspect you will be in the group of people who will try to keep supporting your immune system.

To keep doing what you’re doing and stay in the camp that does the proven actions that can “support” an immune system.

Have a top weekend and keep safe.


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