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Slippery Slope

Everything at the moment seems to be teetering on a slippery slope.

One day it’s the stock market.

Next the price of oil.

Usually the lockdown measures aren’t efficient enough.

Everything is on the edge of drastically going downhill.

This also applies to our diets.

Doesn’t it feel like one bad move with your food…

….could cause the world to collapse around you.

Like it’s the straw that broke the camel’s back.

This isn’t coming out of nowhere.

It’s been building up without you realising.

I’ve felt it myself where I’m now wanting extra foods.

Craving snacks, when I don’t normally?!

Stress has an impact on this, sticking to a routine and having structure should help with reducing stress levels.

But it still doesn’t solve the cravings for extra food.

Snacks are a slippery slope for most of us.

The extra calories aren’t needed at the moment.

Your 3 meals a day are more than amble to fulfil your nutritional and satiation needs.

Let them do all the hard lifting.

But if you are still having 3 meals a day, still feeling hungry, and the snacking urge is still there.

You are probably not including enough protein at each meal.

If there is one macronutrient you should over consume on – its protein.

Start your days off with protein and fats, eggs and salmon.

Lunch should be a huge portion of lean protein such as chicken, turkey or white fish.

Focusing on your first two meals of the day, making sure it’s full of protein….

….and notice how your cravings for snacks fizzle away.

Have a safe week

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