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Focus on what you CAN control

I’m writing this on Thursday evening after the government’s latest announcement.

And by the time you read this, you will have learnt of the extended lockdown.

Today was the day that the government had to review the lockdown by law.

Deep down I was hoping for some good news.

Then the notice of three more weeks was a blow.

But then I reminded myself of a book I’m currently reading.

I’m still reading a bit about stoicism.

And the latest chapter was a big one in the stoicism world.


Focus on what you can control – accept the rest as it happens & you will live a happy life.

Simple logic but it does work.

So, we can’t control a lot of things at the moment but a lot is still in your control.

You CAN get a workout in
You CAN eat healthy
You CAN drink more water
You CAN go for a walk
You CAN cut out junk food
You CAN get a good nights sleep

It is all in YOUR control.

Have a great weekend.

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