If I were a key worker

I received some interesting feedback from Friday’s email.

If you missed it, its subject was all about what you can control.

To help you feel in control of the current situation.

It was very popular and I received many great positive comments.

But one person pointed something out.

Key workers and NHS staff.

Their circumstances are even more out of their hands.

Stupidly long hours.

Lack of sleep.

Which means poor food choices.

So, I thought about what I would do if I was in that position.

The long hours I cannot control, and sleep maybe stays at a minimum.

But food, I do have a little grip on.

I would try to consume protein at any point I ate.

Prepping meals would be difficult but these are the types of meals I would consume to make sure I don’t go off track.

Slow cooker!

Before I left in the morning, I would dice up whatever meat I’ve got available & chuck it in the slower cooker (this can even done the night before and turn slow cooker on before you leave for work)

Whether that’s beef, chicken, pork, tinned spam, frozen meat, I would then chuck in any random bits of veg (fresh or frozen), dice up some potato or chuck in tinned potatoes, add liquid and stock and set for 7-8 hours.

Meaning, when I got home there is a low calorie – high protein meal ready.

Better still, I would make a bigger batch and have some left over to take to work with me the next day.

If the slow cooker is being cleaned.

I would make sure there is a tin of tuna and pre-cooked microwaveable rice in my cupboard at all times.

Bang rice 2 mins in micro wave, as that’s happening, add chopped onions/tomato/cucumber (if I have them – no problems if not) to tuna and splash of balsamic vinegar – meal served.

Breakfast would have to be quick, so Greek yoghurt & Whey protein powder.

Starting the day with at least 50-60g of protein for not that many calories.

My car & bag would be full of protein bars, beef jerky, boiled eggs and fruit for energy throughout the day – these can keep for ages.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to sound patronising as I can never imagine what it’s like to be on the front line or a key worker.

I just like to envisage what I would do in tough situations.

So, if it does happen, I’m slightly prepared.

Even if you’re not a key worker, these quick meal ideas can still help your hectic days.

Speak Friday.

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