In this together

It turns out that we have a collective immune system, not just an individual one.

I saw this from philosopher Naval recent and thought it was really cool.

We’ve always thought that it’s our own bodies immune system that defeats viruses.

Yet it was humans as a unit filtering and wittering the viruses out.

The stronger and younger people protecting the elderly and vulnerable.

It makes sense about how we have thrived as a species.

Now this might be going a bit deep for a health, fitness and fat loss blog.

But, it reminds us that we all have a part to play still.

Amplified now by the fact that being obese could increase the chances of catching the virus.

I really hope this draws your attention, if hasn’t done so already.

Being lean, healthy and in-shape puts you at the lowest risk for this virus, and any other viruses in fact.

Don’t waste this time.

Hoping it will all blow over soon.

Because it seems like its sticking around for a while.

Use this time to get lean, fitter, healthier and stronger.

And it may just help us shift the virus as one strong & healthy unit!

Have a great weekend.


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