Put that donut down

If you’re the one person who was actually about to grab a donut…

….then this email has done its job.

Listen, emails like this can come across preachy.

As if we are high and mighty personal trainers, who eat perfectly.

But we don’t, we all make mistakes and have weak moments.

The difference being, a personal trainer has to stay in touch with training and nutrition.

So, has constant reminders of what they should be doing.

As Carl pointed out in the recent brilliant podcast/video with his coach Joe Duffy.

We all need a little reminding of what we should be doing.

Put that donut down headline caught your attention.

Because who doesn’t love donuts.

I always crave donuts when dieting – don’t know why – it’s just always there.

The donut was an example that represents snacking and or eating junk food.

Our ethos at THQ will ALWAYS be that we DON’T ban foods.

But if you are finding that the scale weight and inches are creeping up – then a small time restricting the “donuts” won’t do any harm.

Make your meals do all the hard work for you.

  • Sit down and enjoy three solid meals each day.


  • Don’t rush them.


  • Make sure each meal is full of lean meats or fish and a serving of vegetables or fruit.


  • Fill up on water between meals to stay satiated and energised.

It can be this simple.

Try do the above every day this week and see what a difference it can make.

Right I’m now off to dream about donuts.


Speak later in the week

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