The Man Mountain

On Saturday, “The Mountain” Icelandic actor and strongman Hafthor Bjornsson (think Game of Thrones) set a new world record.

The biggest lift on a deadlift.

501kg! And it looked like he had another 1 or 2 reps left!

Watch it here

The previous record was held by a Brit Eddie Hall at 500kg set in 2016.

Which has now sparked a bit of a duel, but that’s not the point.

It was the extra 0.5kg either side of the barbell.

If we looked at it on its own, it doesn’t really stand out.

But compounded on top of 500kg it really does make a difference.

No doubt the record will be beat again with an extra 1kg each side and so on….

This is how we should look at our health and fitness.

Letting it compound.

It doesn’t happen all at once.

Just like the mountain had to keep building up his deadlifts over the years.

What we are doing at home now, can pay dividends when things are back to normal.

Every time you eat a healthy meal or get a home workout out in, you are investing in your future self.

Like putting money away in the bank for a future investment/reward.

Make lots of small investments in the bank and it soon hits it target.

Same with your health, fitness and body shape.

Small investments with meals, training, sleep, hydration and your body looks and feels so much better.

Most people are skimping on gyms and health at the moment.

Spending that money on booze, junk food and Netflix.

Your body is the great asset you’ll ever own.

So, investments in it should be your priority right now.

Go smash this week’s training and meal planning.

And reap the rewards in the summer as everyone else is paying back their “health and fitness” debt.


Just don’t go and try deadlifting your car!

Leave that for the strongman competitors

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