The Number 1 Action You Can Do For Results

Being wishy washy, indirect, beating around the bush, blagging it – really winds me up.

I like black and white, to the point, no nonsense attitudes.

It gets me and others to where they want to be faster, with no future time wasted.

I’m always planning for the future.

Whether it’s my life’s vision/plan.

Or just the day ahead.

I’ve always had to have goals set.

Goal setting and planning stops the “close your eyes and shoot” method.

I like laser like target vision.

For example:

If I want a new car I need to save up, budget for monthly payments, factor in running and insurance costs, for the whole time I have the car.

If I want a new THQ location, I site visit, research area, demographics, public transport links, plan staff and head coaches, rental costs, business rates, for the life span of the business.

Goal setting has and always will apply to my body shape.

Like now, my goal is to be lean for the summer.

I plan the time frame (12 weeks), when my calories lower (every 3 or 4 weeks), what my weight lifting routine will be (3 times a week, low sets but high intensity session)

Even then planning what I’ll do after the “cut”.

Maintain with more calories and add a 4th workout in. Then two – three months later, start a calorie surplus to focus on size and strength.

My year is always mapped out.

But for it be successful – daily goal setting is what makes the yearly plan work.

It may sound mental or obsessed to some, but each morning or the night before, I open Myfitnesspal and plan exactly what I’m going to eat and what time.

I do this for 3 reasons;

  1. I know I will stay in my calorie range for my fat loss goal
  2. I’m less likely to eat off plan (more set-in stone)
  3. Saves me overspending or having to go shopping most days

But it means that I WILL achieve my goal.

If you find yourself always going around in circles with your body shape.

  • Set out what you want to achieve.


  • Set the time frame.

WRITE THIS DOWN, its proven we are more likely to achieve a goal if it is wrote down on paper. We are even more likely to achieve the goal if we show people what we wrote down.


  • Plan when you will do your workouts each week.


  • Plan in the morning or the night before what you will consume and when.

Give it a few weeks and see how laser focused you can be – you’ll amaze yourself what you can achieve in a short amount of time.

All you needed was a few small goals & targets, plus pen & paper.

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