Clear & Concise

Flicking on the television for the latest update has become an improved habit.

I’ve stopped watching the rolling news as I’ve realised it’s pointless, as its all out of my control.

But the daily update has its purpose.

To make sure I stay in the loop at the end of each day.

Yet when I do watch the latest update, I hear words and phrases such as;

Common sense
Mixed messages

Everyone seems to want clarity for their situation.

I’m the same, I want to know when I can open my gyms.

I’m looking for different angles, short cuts, tips, tricks, advice on how I can get them open.

And then it became obvious.

I’m looking way too deep into this.

I need to accept that I need one stat.

The date the governments says we can reopen.

I was acting like this when I first came into the fitness industry.

Looking at the latest gym kit, new diets, muscle building routines, supplements, cardio schedules.

Every angle to get the most efficient fat loss possible.

And discovered that none of that mattered.

It all boiled down to getting into a calorie deficit.

So here is some clear & concise advice on shedding unwanted body fat…

  • Establish your weight in total pounds
  • Multiply it by 12

What ever this figures is….make sure you hit it EVERY DAY.

Once you’ve nailed this – THEN you can start looking at fine tuning it with all other aspects of fat loss.

There you go, simple and effective fat loss.

Let’s hope the government can give me a clear & concise date to reopen THQ.

Have a great week.

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