Takeaway (the cost)

The average yearly spend in the UK on a takeaway is around £1000.

This figure is from a study done by the money advice service in 2019.

I’m sure the last 3 months this average has risen.

But I’ll work with the 2019 study out of fairness and best-case scenario.

This averages out at £80 a month, so £20 a week.

Sounds better at £20 a week doesn’t it.

£20 a week on a pizza, curry, Chinese doesn’t do much harm, sounds like good value.

But I still see and hear people complaining that;

eating healthy is too expensive,
protein is SO dear,
my shopping has gone way up and I can’t continue like that…

Yet when examining these people, they still refuse to ditch the takeaway.

Let’s look what protein that weekend pizza etc could have bought.

(as of 15th May 2020)

Diced Beef 400g – Sainsburys £2.40
12 free range eggs – Morrisons £1.20
5/6 chicken breasts (1kg) – Sainsburys £5.50
8 Chicken thighs (1kg) – Tesco £2.10
4 Pork loin (thin cut) – Sainsburys £2.10
Turkey mince meat 500g – Asda £1.97
Salmon Fillet x 2 – Sainsburys £2.50
Sea Bass fillets x 2 – Tesco £3

£20.77 for 23/24 high protein meals. (I’m a meat eater but vegan/vegetarian options are of similar cost)

The price of a curry, rice, poppadum’s and naan bread, can get you all that protein.

And if like me, you live on your own, this would last 2/3 weeks frozen.

Someone will take offence to this email, and they can unsubscribe by all means, but they needed to hear it.

If you often justify to yourself that you HAVE to have a takeaway EVERY weekend, yet still look and feel like crap!

Its time you had a reality check, that believing eating healthy isn’t an option as its too expensive.

But if you HAVE been ditching the takeaway and buying more of the above.

You will notice how much closer you are to your body shape and health goal.

Which means you can then enjoy that takeaway knowing you’ve deserved it!

What decision will you making this weekend?

Speak next week

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