The Dieting Pendulum

As personal trainers and gym owners, we get many texts from members who get concerned.

Concerned that they are doing something wrong or have messed up.

This weekend was no different.

I received a text from a member yesterday evening.

They will remain anonymous but I’m certain this person is cool with me sharing.

This member had over consumed on calories that day.

About an extra 2000-3000 kcal on top of what they should have done!

This particular member is very experienced with tracking calories.

And has got into great shape on many occasions.

But needed a bit of clarification that all the hard work done in the previous weeks wasn’t undone.

The reason the extra calorie consumption happened was down to a serve calorie deficit the week prior.

This member had not eaten enough and increased activity levels in their job.

The body is very clever and gave signals to this member to eat some food!

And this is where most people who can’t get in shape go wrong.

Going so hard at the beginning “because I’ve got more to lose” attitude.

But this is like a huge pendulum.

The more you PULL (dieting, exercise, restriction)

The bigger the PUSH back will be (pigging out, bingeing, complete halt of exercise)

Instead, make small little adjustments and then evaluate at the end of each week.

Yes, we all want it now but it took years to get “out of shape”.

It’s going to take more than 3 weeks to get “in shape”.

So, what did I recommend this member to do?

A small change.

100-200kcal off each day this week to make up for the overconsumption yesterday.

I’m positive the member will have lost weight by the end of the week!

Today, have a little evaluation of your current situation…

….which direction is your pendulum going at the moment.

Does it need a little less pull?
Does it need to be reset?
Backed off?

Stay on target by keeping the pendulum balanced!

Have a great week.

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