Be ready to bounce back

My jaw dropped to the floor.

I was having my morning coffee and was scrolling through social media.

And the big news was McDonald’s had reopened and you can go for a drive through.

Scrolled again and saw more & more videos of mile long ques to get a McDonalds’ drive through.

If you haven’t seen it already, I’ve attached a link below.

See que video here

In the last few months, there have been very strong links to obesity and corona virus deaths.

In my naivety, I genuinely thought the UK population would want to make a change.

In 2019, it was estimated that two thirds of the population are overweight, with one third of these being obese.

Yet here we are, fighting to get a high calorie, not very nutrient dense meal.

It’s not like takeaways have been shut!

Why the desperation to go and eat a load of junk food.

To sit in a car on a lovely sunny day.

This isn’t bashing McDonalds’ as you should have the choice to go for one if you want one occasionally.

I personal haven’t had one in years as it’s like cardboard and rubber to me (great coffee though!).

As a fitness and health professional, I would say we need to be ready to bounce back.

As we have been forced to train from home the last few months.

You have seen its harder to lose body fat, build muscle, get fitter and stronger without a gym.

So be better with health and fitness NOW.

Make the process a lot easier once gyms reopen, rather than catching your tail for the rest of the year.

Summer is around the corner and things will return to some kind of normality.

Look after your body as best you can – as the old cliché goes.


Have a lovely weekend


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