The day getting in shape became easy

Pounding the weights 6 times a week.

Adding in extra cardio.

Eating as “clean” as I can.

This was me 7,8,9 years ago.

Believing I had to be superman to get into great shape.


Yet for all my hard work and dedication…

…I got very little reward.

I thought….what the hell man???

I’ve always been the person who does what they are told and do it well.

Trying to be perfect.

This is exactly how I thought you get into great shape.

Until I followed some sensible guys on social media.

Who were in great shape but weren’t always “on it” with training and nutrition.

I tried the relaxed approach and accepted that I wouldn’t be perfect.


I was now enjoying the process of getting in shape.

Rather than focusing on the end result where I hoped I would be happy.

This was the day I realised I will be in shape for the rest of my life.

Strong claim but it now felt easy.

I can live a “normal life” and have treats yet still get abs.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times where I’ve had to knuckle down.

But not getting stressed about being perfect with training & nutrition has improved my results dramatically.

This is a common problem I see with clients.

And I often have to calm them down, reassure and get them back on track.

They have the attitude of “If I can eat perfectly – then SOD IT” and throw the towel in.

Life will never be perfect, you do what you can.

If you’ve slipped off the rails or have been think about starting a health kick.

Start now.

A bank holiday is not the perfect time.

You may even be reading this at the end of the day before your last meal.

Who cares – start now!

Because there will never be a better time to start than NOW.

Stop waiting for the perfect time to start and do what you can with what’s available.

You will see progression and results far faster than what you would imagine.

I hope this has been a message to at least one person who has been sat on the fence waiting.

For everyone else – enjoy the rest of you bank holiday.


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