Netflix Improved THQ

I’ve recently reactivated my Netflix account.

I cancel my subscription a couple years ago as I felt it was draining my time and energy.

Getting sucked into binge watching episodes.

But recently, as you well know, things are a little different.

The last couple of months I was struggling to switch off at nights and weekends.

I was working on my laptop from the moment I woke up, till I went to bed and it wasn’t healthy.

I needed to change focus.

I felt disciplined enough to reactivate Netflix, confident I wouldn’t binge watch.

I’ve had it a couple of months and I can confirm I’ve stuck to my rule.

I get to watch one or two episodes at night before I go to bed to read (The Last Dance or Narcos if you’re interested).

And my sleep has improved, because I’ve been able to switch from “work head” to “normal head”.

Emptying the mental work chatter until the following day.

Which has made me create and develop even more for THQ.

It used to wind me up when people talked about that they had no time to exercise…

…but they can real off exactly what has happened in the latest trendy Netflix documentary.

But I now see it wasn’t about prioritising Netflix over training.

It was about switching focus.

Netflix wasn’t the correct tool for me in the past, but it is now.

Just because something didn’t work for you in the past, doesn’t mean it can’t ever work for you.

Weight training and eating well may not have worked for you in the past, but it could do now.

Don’t lose heart because a training and eating plan didn’t quite work out as well as you thought it would.

Revise your approach on the plan until you get the result you want.

Have a lovely weekend

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