Are you using the correct tool?

Upon a recent walk, I saw a big pile of dirt.

A garden was been renovated by a bloke who was shovelling all this dirt into one big pile.

It looked back breaking and with each shovel…

…the big pile of dirt looked exactly the same.

I walked on by and smiled.

Later on in my walk, I saw another garden and it was level, flattened and look ready for laying a lawn.

There was a skip full of dirt and rubbish, but this time there was a little digger/JCB parked up.

At this garden, the job was completed but around the corner, that bloke had many more hours of back breaking shovelling to do.

This is the crazy process people go through when trying to lose body fat.

Using the wrong tool for the job.

A shovel will get the dirt moved eventually, but so did the digger in at least half of the time.

Adding in more and more exercise sessions could help shift body fat.

But sorting out your nutrition will do it in half the time!

Using the digger AND the shovel to shift the dirt into the skip, will get the job done before lunch.

Combining nutrition AND training to shape the body, will get the results you want in a few months.

Exercise is the least effective tool you can use to drop body fat and feel energised.

Nutrition is the single most effective tool to shape the body and feel brilliant.

Use both tools together, that’s when you REALLY see results and surprise yourself how fast you got there.

Been looking to add more exercise into your routine for faster results recently?

Go back into the tool box and start on that nutrition first!

Have a great weekend

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