How to find the weight loss sweet spot?

What most people think weight loss is – eating as little as possible.

Granted, this does achieve results for the first few weeks.

And those who have ever tried eating as little as possible will tell you – it feels like hell.

We are not designed to eat as little as possible for long period of times.

Your body wants to live, survive & thrive, so it will send strong signals.

Signals to EAT.

And when you do eat, there is no stopping you.

Its usually high calorie junk food that you grab, which will mean rapid weight gain.

Undoing all the “dieting” you had done the previous weeks (and more).

So how do people stay in shape all year round?

They have worked out their sweet spot.

Eating to the point of satiety with the minimal amount of restriction.

Which in turn retains muscle and bone mass, keeps a healthy metabolism, and ensures SUSTAINABLE weight loss.

Great you may say…but how does that work in the real world?

Follow these simple rules and you too will find your sweet spot.

Eating for fat loss whilst keeping muscle doesn’t have to complicated.

Just eat high protein, filling meals, avoid processed foods and try not to snack.

That will help you stay in a calorie deficit.

Calorie deficit = the reason you lose body fat!

Why would you want to keeping putting in maximal effort in for little reward?

When you can focus on doing the minimal effect dose for desired outcome.

Read the above line one more time and see if you need to find a new sweet spot.

Have a great week.

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