The Truth About Raspberry “Bloody” Ketones

Raspberry Ketones
Buckwheat Powder
Fat Burners
Apple Cider Vinegar
Celtic Sea Salt
Green Tea Extracts

Are a few examples of many supplements I have been asked about.

Are they any good? They ask…

To which my answer is always….

Good for what?

To which they never really seem to have an answer.

What they are really asking me for is – is it any good for fat loss?

What else would they be asking a personal trainer/ gym owner for?

It’s not going to be if it’s good for hair growth & fullness!

The simplistic answer is that they do have a role to play in weight loss.

About 5% MAX!

But if you are not doing the other 95% – they will do diddly squat.

Spending hours researching and worrying if you’re buying the correct raspberry ketones is a complete waste of time and money.

May as well have chucked that £30-40 in the bin if you’re eating a load of crap all the time.

Use that time spent worrying about the wrong thing, DOING the 95% that makes a real difference.

  • Get in a caloric deficit by tracking calories or STICKING to a meal plan/diet.


  • Make sure you eat enough protein, add at every meal (1g per pound of body weight works best)


  • Add a large portion of veg and or fruit with each meal of protein


  • Drink 2-4 litres of water every day.


  • Sleep 7 plus hours each night.


  • Strength/weight train 3-4 times a week

If you’re not doing the above on a consistent basis…

….a raspberry ketone supplement is not going to be your fat loss saviour.

Have a great weekend – you know what you need to be focusing on!


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