One Task At A Time

The last three months have been quite productive for THQ.

It’s given us the chance to put into action all the ideas we had to improve the service.

We are currently rebuilding the members area and creating an even better support network for each member.

Whether that’s the in-house member, or our ever-growing online community.

Every goal we set will now have support modules.

Whether it’s the 6 week meltdown, 12 week shoot, 8 week online challenge, 8 week online shoot, 8 week small groups…

….they all have modules.

In the modules, we have tasks.

One task at a time.

One task at a time because people always want all in the information at once.

And when they get it, they end up doing nothing with it due to overwhelm.

But give someone a task each week to do, and it will accumulate its effectiveness as it sticks.

As I was writing the modules, I was thinking of people who have been at that stage in their transformation.

Thinking about what they were saying, what were their issues, how were they feeling, what was their attitude like.

And it was this attitude point that I had to keep coming back to at each module.

Reminding them what they should be thinking about.

We’ve gotten pretty good at predicting who will succeed in a body shape transformation at THQ.

Quite often by the type of questions people ask us.

What’s the best supplement for “xyz”?

When can I have my cheat meal?

Should I do more ab exercises?

What’s the best workout for fat loss?

These people are more likely to fail – which was the purpose of the new weekly THQ modules, to reduce failure rate.

Mindset comes BEFORE any type of nutrition or training problem.

Work on this first and you will see far faster body shape changes.

Improving your mindset will build better habits.

Building better habits creates traction and momentum

Not only with health and fitness actions, but improving your mindset even further.

If you are currently feeling lost in your transformation, focus on one task at a time, get good at that one task then move on.

See how much faster you improve.

Have a great weekend

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