My secret to staying lean

Is it a supplement he’s never told anyone about?

A training plan he stumbled across?

May he has a really good “fat burning” meal plan

I’m often asked what I do to get in shape.

Usually with very inquisitive deep questions.

An interrogation of sorts.

Until they give up.

Thinking I’m a tough nut to crack.

But I give them the answer each time to which they usually ignore.

It gets ignore because it sounds too simple.

The answer is “I stay in a weekly calorie deficit

This is achieved through burning energy (calories) weight training 4 times a week.

But also through eating the correct foods within my calorie limit.

One little secret that I may not have revealed…not by choice…but not realising I’ve been doing it.

Is that I front load my workouts – but back load my calories.

It’s been particularly helpful during lock down and my long working days sat on a laptop.

I don’t know how my day is going to be, as the routine and structure has gone.

So, I usually have a low-calorie protein-based breakfast, or sometimes fast up till lunch time.

Meaning if some days I don’t have time to train, its ok as I’ve achieved a calorie deficit through diet alone.

And if I do get the chance to train, I’ve then achieved an even bigger calorie deficit through training AND diet.

Have you not been seeing results recently?

If you always have a high calorie and carb breakfast, such a granola, oats and fruit or even worse, sugar kiddies’ cereal.

Swap for a small, light and protein-based option such as 3 scrambled eggs, chicken and greens.

This covers you for the days that things spring up and stop you getting that workout in.

Then if you do get your training session done, it’s a double WIN.

Have a great week

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