Lockdown Nutrition Tips

Life is a little strange right now.

Yesterday we held outdoor sessions for our members.

It was the first time in nearly 4 months that we had met face to face.

Everyone discussing plans, events and scenarios that just aren’t going to be the same anymore.

How you can’t go for a normal drink in the pub

How holidays won’t be the same

And how THQ training sessions have altered from what we know and love.

But we all understand that its temporary and that it’s out of our control.

But one thing that is in our control is our diet.

We’ve spent so much time in lockdown, that we are now developing new habits (good and bad).

And they tend to stick.

That little voice in our heads

A few extra beers tonight as it’s been a tough day…

Might have a takeaway tonight as a reward looking after the kids all day….

Don’t let the little devil on your shoulder win.

I’ll be there little angel who sits on the other shoulder ha.

There are a few lockdown tips that can save you.

Particularly if you are usually stuck in your house.

And you start to have “that” conversation with yourself.

Read through (and read again) the below tips;

  • Don’t drink your calories, water, black teas and coffees wherever possible
  • Try fasting until lunch time if you’re a big evening meal kind of person
  • Fill each meal with lots of veggies
  • Eat at the same time each day
  • Meal prep and plan the week/day
  • Chewing gum and brushing teeth when getting the urge to snack
  • Don’t mindless eat while watching television

Of course, you may have heard these tips before.

But seeing, hearing and reading them mentally puts the correct thoughts in your head.

Especially with the weekend coming up.

Remember – Nothing tastes as great as being lean feels!

Have a top weekend

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