Being Prepared

The good news was finally delivered to us yesterday.

Indoor gyms can reopen on the 25th July

I was guilty of having the rolling news on in the background yesterday as I was working.

And at times I was guessing what they were going to say.

Tougher restrictions

Extended lockdown

Let us open next week

It got me thinking how we would react to the government’s instructions.

And we were prepared for every outcome.

Having read through the re-opening guidelines today – we had pre-empted every request.
(A detail reopening email will go out soon)

Even before lockdown in February & March, we were anticipating tough restrictions could happen.

So, we looked at online platforms for worst case scenario.

Meaning we had a quick turn around when we had close down to get THQ online.

This all comes down to preparation.

And a body shape is no different.

It’s not achieved by just training hard and eating well.

You also need to plan for the worst, for example;

  • When going out to a restaurant, plan ahead and look for the menu online to choose a better option.


  • Know you are going to be on the road all day, meal prep a healthy lunch and have protein snacks at the ready.


  • Get asked to go out for one drink, expect it to be many, chose lower calorie options.


  • If you know you will be stuck in the house all week, DONT buy a load of junk food, that will be sat in the kitchen tempting you.


  • Not sure what the end of the week will be like for time? Get all three of your workouts done at the beginning of the week.

You have to anticipate and plan if you want a good body shape, and not wing it and believe the excuses you tell yourself.

There is no harm in hoping for the best as long as your prepared for the worst.


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